Monday, January 02, 2012

OMG! I actually agree with Rick Perry

"Governor, some of your staffers have told us..."

Perry won't bite, and good on him! Republican, Democrat, idiot, saint, whatever: It is fantastic to see someone stand up to a god awful lazy journalist taking back-biting comments from some coward hiding behind anonymity. It's no story that people grouse and complain. It's a story only when someone believes strongly enough in their position to put their name behind it. Anonymous sources, except in the most unusual, compelling circumstances, are a waste of everyone's time and a bane on journalism, such as it exists today in America.

How to define "compelling circumstances?" The same way Thurgood Marshall defined obscenity. We know it when we see it. The onus is on the journalist to make damn sure.

The likes of Mike Allen will never make the case.

Rick Perry, you're not going to get my vote, but one of your bozo bits has dropped from my evaluation. Nicely done!

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