Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Religious bigots and a mosque in Manhattan

I don't write much on here. Writing about politics these days, in particular, is too depressing and useless. Maybe things have always been the same. You have only the snapshot of your lifespan with which to measure. If the inanity of today is matched by previous history, then the most I can say is that humans are terminally messed up.

With that as a premise, I have at least to say that what the Republicans in whole, and some cowardly Democrats in part are doing in demonizing Muslims is disgusting, sickening, and un-American. Hateful, fear-mongering demagogues have a shelf-life of effectiveness, a short one, followed by an eternity of historical condemnation. I hope for some brief period of enlightenment, perhaps in blinding clarity on their death beds, when they can contemplate on a wasted life. While these little people's names will fade in obscurity, their behavior will be lumped together in history's squalid examples of human intolerance.

In a few years, assuming it's still available, I'll have to re-read this story. With luck, things won't get worse. We'll just be a bunch of stupid people arguing over the right to use a building. But without luck, it will get uglier. Without people stepping up to protect minority rights, to defend the rule of law, to think not "like an American" but in this case, yes, "like a lawyer," our future is an unpleasant one.

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